How Can Physical Therapy Treat Neck Pain?

Neck pain is a common problem and one that may be challenging to treat on your own. Our physical therapists here at the Maryland Center for Physical Therapy in Owings Mills, MD, are well-versed in caring for and treating all causes of neck pain. Instead of simply helping you manage your symptoms, we will determine the cause of your neck pain and treat that cause.

How Can Physical Therapy Treat Neck Pain?

Our Owings Mills, MD, physical therapists employ many modalities and procedures to treat or manage neck pain. Our goal is to help you find a solution that eases your symptoms, improves your quality of life, and reduces your dependency on medication. Some of the ways in which we may treat neck pain include,

Passive modalities: These treatments do not require patient participation and often include ultrasound, traction, massage therapy, heat or ice therapy, Dry Needling, and electrotherapy.

Active procedures: These treatments require participation from the patient, such as performing stretching and strengthening exercises to improve strength, range of motion, and flexibility in the neck as well as postural alignment and training in correct movement patterns. Physical therapists are also skilled in performing joint mobilization and other manual techniques for restoring movement and for pain relief.

Every treatment plan we create is tailored to you, your condition and symptoms, and your goals for treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Physical Therapy? 

Physical therapy's most important benefit is to provide a non-invasive, non-surgical, and drug-free way to manage your neck pain. Physical therapy also promotes the body's natural healing processes to help boost blood flow and repair damaged tissue, ligaments, and other soft tissue of the neck. We can also provide you with exercises and other ways to prevent neck pain from returning.

Could Physical Therapy Help Me? 

There are many reasons to turn to our Owings Mills, MD, team to address problems that impact the neck, such as chronic neck pain, and injuries such as whiplash or post-surgery neck pain and stiffness. We can provide a custom treatment plan that supports a fast, effective, and safe recovery from injuries and surgery.

We can also work with your medical team of physicians if physical therapy is recommended as part of a larger treatment plan to manage a chronic condition.

Are you living with neck pain? Want to schedule an evaluation with our Owings Mills, MD, physical therapists? If so, call Maryland Center for Physical Therapy at (410) 363-7123 to schedule your consultation.

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