When To See a Physical Therapist About Low Back Pain

Lower back pain can quickly transform from just a nuisance to very serious and debilitating pain that can negatively impact just about every aspect of your day. You should never ignore pain or simply suppress it with over-the-counter medication, pain is typically a symptom that is already a problem. So if you're suffering from low back pain it may be time to seek help from your local experts, the physical therapists at Maryland Center for Physical Therapy in Owings Mills, MD.

Persistent Pain

When lower back pain occurs as the result of a sprain or muscle strain it can often heal itself within just a few days or weeks with only rest. There are a few ways you can find immediate relief during this time. You can lower inflammation with over-the-counter medication, for example. But it doesn't mean that you shouldn't see your physical therapist, it can be difficult for you to diagnose a sprain or strain from something more serious on your own. Also, if you are turning to over-the-counter medication often just to get through the day then you should seek professional help.

Severe Pain

If lower back pain affects your ability to perform daily activities that you used to do before without a problem, it's also important to seek help. Pain that causes other symptoms like chills or fever could be signs that you have an underlying infection that should be treated promptly by consulting your primary care provider.

When pain affects your mobility and quality of life, and if it is simply too painful, then it's imperative to seek help.

Low Back Pain Treatment in Owings Mills, MD

Your physical therapists can target the source of your pain and tailor a treatment plan just for you. Relief without surgery involves combining a variety of therapies to help you get the pain under control.

You can dial (410) 363-7123 if you are looking for relief for low back pain and want to schedule a visit with the physical therapists at Maryland Center for Physical Therapy in Owings Mills, MD.

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